Oktoberfest Beer Battle: Defending Champion from Brooklyn

apple-picking-2006-066_reduced.jpg”And in this corner… the defending champion of Oktoberfest beer… the bomber from Brooklyn New York… the Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest!”

The Brooklyn Brewery Oktoberfest beer was a unanimous top choice at the last several Oktoberfest weekends that my best friends and I hold each year. From that, I name the Brooklyn the defending champion of Oktoberfest beers.

I originally intended on pitting the Brooklyn against another Oktoberfest in the first round, however, my locally available selections are somewhat limited. Now, I haven’t personally asked Al which is better, the Oktoberfest from Brooklyn, or the Dogtoberfest from Flying Dog; but, after reading his review, I believe this challenge was over before it started.

octoberfest-battle.jpgFeel free to suggest to me at Ron@Hop-Talk.com some other competitors or, I can provide a mailing address if you are feeling kind enough to send in an entry; I will definitely blog about it if you do. So, unless there are some late entries, the final battle is set and will be decided on October 8th, 2006.


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4 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Beer Battle: Defending Champion from Brooklyn

  1. Great minds think alike! A cohort and I also held an Oktoberfest showdown recently, and the Brooklyn entry came out the unanimous winner. I’m glad to see that you share our sentiments! Feel free to check our analysis at sevenpack.net if you’re curious…

  2. I did check out your review and I’m amazed at how in-sync we are. (I like you banner!) Give the Saranac a try if you can get it.

    I also tried the Red Hook with full intentions on putting it in the battle, but I couldn’t find where it even claimed to be an Octoberfest beer, and it certainly didn’t taste like one. (It was however, fantastic, whatever style it is)

    I was kind in my review of the Otter Creek – My wife had some other words to describe it that I didn’t want to publish.

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  4. I also found Brooklyn Brewery’s Oktoberfest to be an enjoyable entry in the Oktoberfest beer arena this fall. I’ve been lucky enough to have access to and have tried several of Brooklyn’s beers in my area and have rarely been disappointed. Had never tried this one though until this year (tried to focus more on trying the Oktoberfest style this fall). I’ve not yet tried the Dogtoberfest but would if I could find it here. I’d say my favorite Oktoberfest this fall has probably been Atwater Block Brewery’s Bloktoberfest. I’ve gone back to this one many, many times throughout October after getting hooked on it this fall.

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