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Blogging about beer is becoming rather popular. Witness the large number of beer blogs that have come online in the last few months.

I love it. Beer is, as we know, a social thing. The more people talking about it, especially good beer, the better.

Unfortunately, very often finding what beer enthusiasts are talking about is nigh impossible. Search for “beer” or similar on Google and the vast majority of what you get is drunken college-age kids discussing beer pong, their latest beer binge, or how much better one industrial-brewed American light lager is than another. And forget trying to search for information on beer luminary Michael Jackson. It’s not unlike the volume produced by any one of America’s big brewers compared to the entire volume of all craft brewers. (My local convenience store has at any one time a dozen or more cases of Bud Light, Coors Light, Miller Genuine Draft, etc. The depth of their foray into craft beer is a case or two of Yuengling.)

But all is not lost. What if there was a way to get Google to limit its searches to a list of good, non-spammy blogs and other resource-rich beer sites? Well, there is. Take a peek:

Beer Blog Search

Currently a little over 100 hundred beer blogs are included in the index, and I try to add more as I find them.

Of course, that’s a much bigger job than one person can reasonably do. If you know of a blog that you think should be included or, even better, if you’d like to help out managing the listed of indexed blogs, drop me a line. I can be reached at al (at) hop-talk (dot) com or by using our Contact Us page.

So what? Well, try searching for “michael jackson” versus the same search on regular Google.

One of my favorite things to do is to search on a particular beer to see what other bloggers say about it. Such as Dogfish Head’s 90 Minute IPA. More useful than the regular Google search, I think.

I hope you find it useful.

7 thoughts on “Beer Blog Search Engine

  1. Thanks.

    By-the-by, anyone can add a search bar for the engine to their own site. Simply follow the “more details” link from the page and look for the “Add this search engine to your blog or webpage” link.

  2. Very cool. There’s so much we beer bloggers can learn from one another and this is a great tool to facilitate discussion about the greatest thing in the world: beer.

  3. While I am not a blogger, I am and avid blog reader and beer drinker – what a combo! What a great “community” service that you’re providing. Kudos.

  4. Thanks. I hope you find it useful. Since I posted this I’ve added at least a half-dozen other blogs.

  5. If you want to see if your site is included, simply search for


    Obviously, using your domain name.

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