Chef Frank Morales with his BrewPops creationsDo you remember the controversy back in June about Rustico, a restaurant in Virginia, and how their ingenious beer popsicles appeared to be breaking the letter of the law?

No? Well, here’s what some other blogs had to say at the time:

Anyway, while Rustico and Frank Morales wait for Virginia’s Alcohol Beverage Control board to give their blessing to sell them in-house, they’ve decided to take them national. They’ve got themselves a name and a web address:

The site isn’t open for business yet, but they do have links to news items about the controversy and encourage you to sign up for their mailing list. The site is slated to open on or about August 15, 2007.

No word yet on the affects of the various state laws regarding shipping alcoholic beverages.

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  1. I’ve been running a video on how to make Chelada Pops on my blog since June 28. Try the same technique used for the Chelada Pops with any fruit-flavored beer.

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