We don’t tend to do much navel-gazing around here. We find that beer is much more interesting to talk about than ourselves, and we’re sure you’d agree.

However, as 2007 marks the first full year of Hop Talk’s existence, we thought we’d take a look back.

There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” This familiar quote is often attributed to Mark Twain, but he actually attributed it to Benjamin Disraeli. Further research indicates it was neither, but it is not entirely clear who is really the originator.

No matter. Here are some statistics for your enjoyment. The damned lies will probably be later.

We received 38,737 visits from 31,656 unique visitors resulting in 56,860 pageviews.

The vast majority of our visitors are from the United States, but we have significant contingents from Canada and the UK. Germany, Australia, Ireland, India, Norway, Brazil and the Netherlands round out the top 10. In all, we were visited by people in more than 120 countries and territories, including such places as Uganda, El Salvador, and Albania.

The top search terms that were used to reach us were:

  1. how to pour a black and tan
  2. pouring a black and tan
  3. beer butt chicken
  4. hop talk
  5. how to pour black and tan
  6. beer brands
  7. beer advocate
  8. pour black and tan
  9. pour a black and tan
  10. marmite guinness

Some of the more interesting search terms included:

  • real men of genius
  • beer spokesmodels
  • bubbling and frothing liquids
  • philosophy of life
  • shakespeare talk
  • guys with six packs
  • homemade video
  • rule of thumb origin
  • bear droppings

As a geek, I was quite interested to know what kind of operating systems and browsers our visitors have, and how close they are to the general average.

Browsers: Internet Explorer 55%, Firefox 37%, Safari 5%, all others 1% or less (99% have Java, 98% have Flash)

OS: Windows 88%, Macintosh 10%, Linux 1%

Screen resolution: 1024×768 42%, 1280×1024 17%, 1280×800 13%

RSS subscribers don’t count in the visitor numbers, but we started the year at just under 100 subscribers, and built that up to around 230 or so. At last check, 39% of subscribers use some Google product, e-mail subscriptions account for 11%, java-based feed readers and Bloglines tie at 9%, Netvibes is 8%, Firefox Live Bookmarks are 5%, and the rest account for 18%.

What were they all reading?

The top 10 most popular articles (by pageviews, which doesn’t include RSS):

  1. How to Pour a Black & Tan
  2. Consumer Reports Rates Light Beers
  3. Top 50 beer brands for 2006
  4. Oktoberfest Style
  5. Beer Butt Chicken
  6. A sad day for beerdom
  7. Beer Advocate Magazine
  8. Top 6 ways to find a new beer to try
  9. Inspired by Blue Claws – Grandpa’s Crabs (Part III)
  10. Bratwurst w/Sauerkraut for Oktoberfest

By far, the most popular article was How to Pour a Black & Tan, with nearly three times more visits than the next most popular post. Interestingly, though perhaps not surprisingly, there was a huge spike in traffic right around St. Patrick’s Day. This also explains most of the search terms in the top 10.

My most popular article may not have been on this blog at all, however. A guest post I wrote for Personal Finance Advice, Life Is Far Too Short To Drink Cheap Beer – 10 Ways To Maximize Your Beer Value, was seen by many, many more people. While I don’t have specific numbers, it generated a bunch of inbound traffic, over 40 comments and pingbacks, and got noticed by the editors of CRAM Magazine who asked if they could publish it.

There were 357 posts (including this one), which averages out to 30 per month.

After taking a day to recover from New Year’s Eve revelry, we kicked off 2007 with a post of tasting notes for Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery (a long-time favorite).

The most commented-on post was my 5 essentials for a good brewpub, although most of those were pingbacks. The next-most was on our recap of Session #5: Atmosphere

Speaking of which, we were the hosts for Session #5, which our analysis shows we had 29 people participating, with bloggers from all over the U.S., as well as from Canada, Ireland, Brussels, and the United Kingdom.

We took the first week and a half of September off, turning things over to nine guest writers–fellow beer bloggers–who discussed topics from the “genuineness” of beer marketed as Irish, to age verification on websites, to running the Marine Marathon in Washington, DC and good beer spots along the route.

Along the way, we shared with you news from the world of beer, tasting notes, amusing commercials, nuggets from history, interesting tidbits from around the web, and anything else we could relate to beer. You shared with us your own insights, opinions, and experiences.

What’s ahead for 2008? You mean, besides finding and enjoying good beer, talking about it, and doing it in good company? Beyond that, I don’t want to make any predictions. If it’s as enjoyable as 2007 has been, then I’ll call it a success.

Thank you for a great year, and we wish all of you health and success in 2008.

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  1. Al – How do you find all this information out? I’ve seen lots of posts like this online in the last week and was wondering how one compiles this sort of information. Thanks!

  2. I’ve got to say… nice summary, Al. I really found that interesting.

    I also think I need to make a better Black and Tan video.

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