Women Brewers Unite

March is National Women’s History Month here in the United States. It is an annual celebration of women and their roles in history, sponsored by the National Women’s History Project. As with so much else, the realm of beer seems dominated by men. It is primarily men who are marketed to, primarily men who are the brewers and homebrewers, and primarily men who write about beer. But not entirely. The blogosphere is no different. So, to celebrate Women’s History Month, Hop Talk is taking time out to get to know some of these women.

This is a guest article by Teri Fahrendorf.

The Pink Boots Society was founded by me in 2007. I had quit my job after 19 years as a professional brewer in order to depart on a massive 5-month road trip. During this road trip I visited 70 breweries and brewed at 38 of them. I blogged my trip live from the road at www.roadbrewer.com.

During my trip, I met several women brewers. I also met many men brewers who had never encountered a woman brewer before. After enjoying the company of fellow brewer Laura Ulrich at Stone Brewing Company near San Diego, I determined to keep track of the women brewers I met or heard about during my trip. After many requests for my “List of Women” brewers, I christened it the “Pink Boots Society” and posted the list to my website at www.pinkbootssociety.com. The list is updated as often as I get new information, which currently means weekly.

As of March 8th, there are 57 active women brewers listed in the USA section, and that only includes one brewer pink-boots.jpgfrom any of the large international mega-breweries. The other 56 are all women craft brewers! Once the large breweries start sending me the names and locations of their active women brewers, you can expect the Pink Boots Society to at least double.

There are also 17 former women brewers on the list, and 26 active women brewers from outside the USA. The list at www.pinkbootssociety.com is by no means conclusive, and I continue to seek the names, locations, and breweries of all the currently active and former women brewers that I can find. If your local brewer is a woman and she’s not on the list, please ask her to email me.

The very first Pink Boots Society meeting will be held during the Craft Brewers Conference, in San Diego April 16-19. For more information go to www.beertown.org. The PBS meeting will be an all-estrogen event, as only active and former women brewers will be attending, as well as women beer writers to document the event. Many women brewers have expressed excitement about this historic (herstoric) meeting, and look forward to meeting other women brewers and tasting their beers.

If you are interested in the doings and happenings of the Pink Boot Society, please subscribe to the e-Newsletter at http://visitor.constantcontact.com/optin.jsp?&m=1101801813325&ea=. Just think: a room filled with 30-40 professional women brewers and their beers. It couldn’t get any better than that, unless the meeting was held during March’s Women’s History (Her-story) Month.

Here’s your challenge for March. Study the list at www.pinkbootssociety.com, find a beer brewed by one of the breweries where a woman brewer is employed, chill and crack open with a toast to Ninkasi, the ancient Sumerian Goddess of Beer. Cheers!

Teri Fahrendorf is the Road Brewer (RSS feed / Atom)

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  2. What about an organization for female home-brewers or hobby-brewers like me? I know there are a lot of us out there. Maybe the Pink Booters should start a hobby-brewer group! If you are a Bay Area Female Brewer, visit my commercial-free blog. brewess.wordpress.com.

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