2009: The year for cooking with beer?

I apologize for the unintended poetry, but it’s already looking like “cooking with beer” is a definite trend for 2009.

Here’s my evidence:

  • My wife loves her Food Network, and she has noticed a pronounced increase in scenarios where beer is an ingredient
  • Some people who know a thing or three about beer have made it one of their key predictions (Brookston Beer Bulletin, The Brew Site)
  • Mainstream (i.e., non-beer-focused) publications are writing about it (Pottstown Mercury)
  • The National Beer Wholesalers Association have created a site, Taste of Beer, to focus attention on cooking with beer and pairing beer and food
  • My wife made a delicious beer bread over the weekend

All right, so that last isn’t exactly “evidence”. I have, however, used beer to cook the meat for chili for years. Which is also a good thing, since cooking with beer may help prevent cancer.

So, while I don’t normally go in for the whole “Resolution” thing at the beginning of the year, I think I’d like to try my hand at more cooking, especially using beer as an ingredient.

Got a favorite recipe? Share in the comments or send to al (at) hop-talk (dot) com.

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