Heineken logoBeer-a-Day #204

Taking a break from domestic macro lagers, it’s time to try one from Europe. Might as well go with the biggest.

Heineken’s a bit of a whipping boy around here. I have never, ever, had a Heineken–or even encountered one being drunk by someone else–that wasn’t lightstruck. It’s so consistent, in fact, that it seems like the Heineken people are doing it on purpose. Do they hate Americans? Or is it just a big joke? “Look what we convinced those silly people to drink!”

True to form, it’s skunked. I suppose there’s no point in telling you that it’s straw colored and clear, with a white head and nice lacing. Besides the skunky aroma there’s a distinct taste of boiled vegetables. I can’t believe people actually think this is the way it’s supposed to be. I can’t finish it.

I suppose I need to get it in the “keg can” or, better, get overseas and have their offering in the brown bottle, which I’m told is actually pretty good. But I’m done ever trying the import in the green bottle.


2 thoughts on “Heineken

  1. You know one day I was on an airplane, and I had to choose between Heineken and Miller Lite. Both in cans. Both barely cool. In that context, the Heine is a much better choice.

    I recall hearing about some brewing giant intentionally dosing their beer with lightstruck, but I forget who it was. But truth be told, I am skeptical of the freshness quality of any beer from overseas, especially in a clear or green bottle. That’s why it’s such a good thing that there are so many excellent brewers making incredible beer right here!

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