Call to action: Find Mackeson Stout

The other day, we received a message in our inbox:

Dear Hop Talk,

Do you know how I can order Mackeson Stout?  Apparently it is sold only on the East Coast, but is there a way I can get a few cases shipped to me?

Graham D

Well, Graham. That’s really going to depend on where you live. I live in Maryland and I’m out of luck.

Have you asked your friendly local retailer? In my experience, they’re generally happy to help you find a beer from one of their distributors and even do special orders.

How about it Hop Talk readers? Do you have any suggestions for Graham?

5 thoughts on “Call to action: Find Mackeson Stout

  1. I would just try to contact the The Boston Beer Company. They brew it in Cincinnati OH. I dont know if its leagal or not but i will ship you some. We get it no problem in CT.

  2. I know this is an old thread, but it’s being re-released. Or I should say re-imported.

    Carib was brewing this in South Am. in Trinidad after Royal Imports in Cincinnati was shut down. Trust me, between myself and my wife, we know a whole history behind the beer and it evaporated in the aquisitions of Boston Beer into AB into InBev. No one knows who holds the US license to brew it internally, but luckily, Carib had the license for outside.

    Carib hadn’t had paperwork to import it back until January of this year and I think they only started to roll it out to select regions (Florida and NYC, if the pres of the importer told us right).

    But a couple weeks ago, there were six-packs spotted on the shelf imported from Trinidad in Louisville KY. I have heard rumor about finding them just outside of Columbus, OH, but I have been unable to spot any and the Carib distributors know absolutely nothing when i’ve called them. Every import beer store I’ve talked to said their distribs have not heard of it.

    But be vigilant and ask your local beer vendor and see if they can get it in. It’s coming back!

  3. appears to have it! O-M-G, my fingers tremble at the keyboard as I enter an order for $39/case + $22 shipping.

  4. Just bought it at Krogers at Graceland in Columbus, Oh. They are selling it as singles to build you own six pack for $9.99. Well worth it. Welcome back Mack!!!

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