Moving to Bohemia

Bohemia is a Mexican beer that shares characteristics of a German Pilsner lager beer. I tried this beer and it definitely tastes like every other pilsner import out there. That is, it is bland with no body, over carbonated and has a distinct trace of hops hidden by the strong flavor of water.

Bohemia is made in a Mexican micro-brewery, with hops imported from the Czech Republic which doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Named after the famed Czech region, Bohemia reminds me of a good, fairly unknown, song by Geddy Lee, “Moving to Bohemia”.

Bohemia is a most decorated Mexican beer having received gold medals at LeMont Selection in Paris, Rome and Madrid. Whatever LeMont Selection is, it doesn’t say much for the quality of selections they give awards to.

As proof of my recommendation, I gave the remainder of the six pack to my sister-in-law whose favorite beer is Labatt’s and she loved it.

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  1. I laughed when I read “has a distinct trace of hops hidden by the strong flavor of water.” That perfectly summarizes all of those kinds of beers.
    Matt also said: Moving to Bohemia

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