8 Great Web Series About Beer

Beer Nation

Whether you’re a hardcore connoisseur or a complete noob, if you want to expand your beer repertoire, web series are the resource you need.  These eight beer shows will help you navigate the craft beer craze and find exactly what you’re looking for.

New Brew Thursday

New Brew Thursday
New Brew Thursday offers weekly recommendations from the latest in craft beer.  This is where to go if you’re intrigued by the beer section at Whole Foods but aren’t sure where to start.

Beer Nation

Beer Nation is your craft beer showcase, profiling the national craft beer community along with tons of recommendations…if you’re not only curious about which craft beers to try, but also who’s making them and how they’re doing it, this is your ticket.

The Hopry
Simple and straightforward.  Hosts Mark Starr and Tim Pratt are beer nuts with one goal: to review as much craft beer as possible.  They do their homework—each beer is rated on a variety of factors…coloration, how it pours, aroma, mouthfeel and, in minutest detail, taste.  The show’s 142 episodes cover plenty of international beers as well as American microbrews, and they offer fun tips, like how to save unconsumed beer for later.

Beer Buzz
Beer Buzz hosts Eli and Erik are some of the most knowledgeable beer guys on the web.  Their widely focused series offers beer reviews, beer news, beer events, beer laws, beer science…pretty much everything going on in the world of beer, from one-off microbreweries right on up to commercial brands that advertise during the Super Bowl.

Beer Meld
Beer Meld hosts Tom Sanders and his sidekick known only as “The Schizophrenic Beer Reviewer” set out to entertain as much as enlighten…think the “You Suck at Photoshop” of beer review series.  But with a rate of three microbrew reviews a week, and sixty-five episodes to date, a wealth of information is available here.

Brewing TV
Brewing TV is made up entirely of home brewing fanatics—co-host Jake Keeler is on the governing committee of the American Homebrewer Association.  In addition to documenting the home brewing community, Brewing TV delves into the nuts-and-bolts of making your own beer.  If you’re inclined to become a home-brewer, all you need is this series. (And probably a mash lauter tun, and a sparge cooler at the very least).

Brew Masters
Brew Masters is actually a Discovery Channel series that follows Dogfish Head Brewery found Sam Calagione around the world, Anthony Bourdain-style, in search of the oddest and most esoteric beer literally on Earth, as well as detailing beer’s history. Ever wonder how ancient Peruvians made their traditional corn-based “Chicha”?  Here ya go.

Basic Brewing Video
There’s nothing “basic” about this how-to home-brewing series. Want to make your own elderflower ale?  Basic Brewing Video explains how, plus reviews of events, microbreweries, and overall craziness from Arkansas-based home-brew enthusiasts James Spencer and Steve Wilkes. With 103 videos going back to 2005, you’ll be busy well into your retirement.

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