I have a lot of things going on because I can’t sleep at night. I write a blog for teachers in the ghetto, I’m working on a novel for young adults (I’m on the last chapter!), I do cartoons, I am a travel writer, and a poet. If I could sleep, I wouldn’t be doing all of these things. Maybe insomnia can be a blessing sometimes.

Beer is actually the only thing that helps with this tiresome condition; unfortunately, for it to work I have to drink it in copious amounts unsustainable over the course of a week. I can never be late to work because I’m a high school English teacher. So I really don’t drink that much in the end, I just go to work tired, and drink copious amounts of coffee instead.

My beer epiphany came halfway through college. After drinking enough dark ales, or “real beer,” I began to suspect the mass-produced yellow stuff was just another money-making scheme more than an authentic product for consumers. I now focus on IPAs, Stouts, Ambers, Strongs, Browns, Casks, and Hefs, among others (friends of yours I’m sure). I’m also saddened when I see older men who have been drinking Bud their whole lives and don’t realize it’s not beer. I almost feel like we need a superhero to help open their eyes, like Neo from the Matrix. Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio could plant Inception in their dreams (maybe I’ll put that in a comic).

I’m happily married, and am thankful my wife has earplugs. Yes it’s true, she is just getting started as a home brewer, and sometimes I wake up in the afternoon and wonder how I got so lucky.

It’s lot of fun here at Hop Talk. Al and Ron are kind enough to put me on the team, and I try to only let them down a couple times a week.

So here’s to your dreams, may they all be about Hops and Malt. I will look on with envy as I sit up late into the night, slurring the beer conversation.