I have many passions, beer is just one. First and foremost, I am a husband and a father to the best family in the whole world. I also love sports; soccer, windsurfing, volleyball, snow skiing, water skiing, biking and more. I live my professional life as a project manager where I specialize in virtualizing datacenters. I enjoy playing games of all sorts, playing guitar, relaxing in the Barley Room (also my home theater), and cooking. Also, I enjoy all of these things that much more when I can share them with someone else. I love life.

My love for craft beer developed almost instantly after sampling a real beer shortly after graduating college and those megabrewed American beers are long behind me now. I began homebrewing with a passion which lasted about 6 years until my first child was born leaving less time for day long brewing sessions. I have homebrewed a few times since. I still have all of my equipment and I still love learning about the science behind brewing. I am lucky to have a local beverage center (I call my “candy store”) that has a great selection of craft beers. With easy access to such great beers, I have little incentive to brew my own.  (but there is that itch…)

Al, a long time friend and the architect behind Hop Talk, asked me to write for Hop Talk because of our mutal love of beer and it has been both a challenge and a pleasure. My love and passion for beer is even greater because of it.

I am not an expert beer taster, I do not read other reviews before I write a review, and my opinions are of my own and from my heart. I love to write and inspire. I hope you enjoy!