CNA Classes in Bryant Pond, ME (4219)

Do you want to pursue a career as a certified nursing assistant? Do you want to know how much does a certified nursing assistant makes each year? Being a certified nursing assistant or a CNA in Bryant Pond Maine 4219 is a very lucrative career indeed. Certified nursing assistants may also be known as Caregivers, Supported Living Assistants, Caregiver Companions, Home Health Aides, Resident Care Specialists, Nursing Aides or Nurse Technicians, but regardless of job title, a certified nursing assistant assists registered nurses in the care of patients or clients in Bryant Pond Maine 4219.

Salary in Bryant Pond ME 4219

CNA Classes It is hard to estimate certified nursing assistant salary since it varies greatly according to a CNA's job title. The average however for a certified nursing assistant salary is a figure anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 annually. Salaries vary greatly due to several factors like:

1. Job experience - technically, the more experienced (more years of job experience as a certified nursing assistant) the higher the nursing assistant's salary grade. Job experience is the most common factor when it comes to compensation, the amount and type of benefits the employee receives and his ability to seek a higher position in his department. 2. Work area - the more specialized the work area the higher the salary is. A CNA who works in a surgical suite or in an emergency room may have a significantly higher salary rating than a certified nursing assistant who works in the ward. Employers and supervisors have the final say where staff is placed. It may be according to the individual's work experience, his technical knowledge of the area and of course depending on whether the area is understaffed. It is also reasonable to pay certified nursing assistants and other members of the primary health team like nurses and doctors who are assigned in toxic areas of the hospitals since there is a high volume of work and a high stress factor as well. A certified nursing assistant who is assigned to specialized areas in the hospital may receive $2,000 to $4,000 more compared to a nursing aide who is assigned at the ward or in patients' rooms. 3. Certification - CNA's are better compensated than non certified counterparts. However, nursing assistants are not allowed to practice their profession if they do not pass certification hence it is impossible to even get paid when you are not certified. Certification is often the deciding factor for employment benefits and compensation which is also true for other members of the medical field. 4. Continuing education - some employers may consider continuing education as a factor for CNA salary increase. Continuing education means you are highly dedicated to your job and to improving your craft especially in finding ways to make your skills better and your knowledge sharper. 5. Location - if you are working at a tertiary hospital with complete facilities for patient care then chances are you are receiving a higher certified nursing assistant salary compared to a nursing aide who may work in a hospice care or in a home setting. A CNA who works in a hospital setting receives $5,000 to $10,000 more compared to nursing assistants who work for clients at home. Location is also a factor for determining the job description of many medical careers as well as the cost of medical treatments and diagnostic examinations. 6. Country - there are countries that may have lower certified nursing assistant salaries compared to others this is why mass migration of CNA's and other medical professionals are seen. Places where there is a high salary or compensation for medical workers are in the Middle East, Australia, Canada and in European countries. Countries that offer excellent medical care are often the ones with the best certified nursing assistant salaries paid. Not only is pay better in foreign countries, there are also amazing compensation packages and travel benefits that you will never find when you work locally. Imagine your employer paying for your board, lodging, travel expenses, training expenses, pocket money and even your certification renewal just to keep you working for him! 7. Hazard pay - there are additional items in a CNA Salary that may increase his pay. Individuals who work in highly stressful and dangerous locations may receive a hazard pay and this can significantly increase his paycheck in the process. CNA's may be assigned to correctional facilities, for emergency response teams, for fire and rescue and in the military. CNA's in a correctional facility receive $5,000 to $7,000 more than a nursing assistant assigned in a hospital setting.

There are so many amazing opportunities for CNA's in Bryant Pond Maine 4219 to increase their pay and to possibly climb the ladder of success. Apart from being certified as early as he graduates from training, he must also get regular continuing training which he can get at home, online or through training facilities. Continuing training may also be sponsored by employers or the management and his schedule prepared to make room for study which can significantly affect his certified nursing assistant salary later on.

But apart from financial compensation, CNA’s work for the love of service which is an innate nature of most medical professionals. There is a great feeling of being able to make a mark in someone's life especially when he is a total stranger. You may feel this as you take care of newborns, new parents, cancer survivors, relatives who experienced death in the family and many more. The value of service and the ability to make a difference is still the best compensation that is totally priceless. Many swear that they enter the medical profession since they have a heart to serve; this is of course far better than any high paying professional job. Big or small, everyone and anyone can make a difference. No matter how high or how low your CNA Salary is the best part of every work day is that you have served someone from the bottom of your heart.

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