Matt’s Big Announcement

I have an announcement to make, and it directly affects all of our readers. So….

Okay, so it might not be the royal wedding, but I do want to clue our readers into some changes with the web’s best comic strip, “Beef ‘n Beer,” namely, the name. I am changing the title of my comic strip “Beef ‘n Beer” to properly reflect the direction my characters have been taking for the last six months. As I myself have settled into married life and fatherhood, so have the characters of “Beef ‘n Beer.” Also, when I began the cartoon, my wife Alisa and I didn’t know what kind of baby we were going to have, so I guessed. I guessed wrong. Lilly has been our fictional child up until now, but in real life we had a boy, and his name is Lucio. Therefore, not only am I changing the title of the comic strip to HOMEBROOD, I am also changing Lilly to Lucio. I figure if I am going to make fun of a baby, it should be mine.

So don’t be confused at the new title, HOMEBROOD, and don’t think you’ve had too many beers when you see the baby is in blue onesies, even though you probably have. Say hello to Lucio, but don’t say goodbye to the same beer humor you’ve been used to.