Win 2 tickets to the Brunswick Wine & Chocolate Walk

One of the classier events in my adopted hometown of Brunswick, Maryland is the Wine & Chocolate Walk. This year’s event is on September 22.

In 2011, Brunswick Main Street debuted the Wine and Chocolate Walk. Attendees enjoyed fine wine and fair trade chocolates as they strolled through downtown. The 2011 festival featured wine from Black Ankle Vineyards, Fabbioli Cellars, Hiddencroft Vineyards, Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards, Knob Hall Winery, North Gate Vineyards and Boordy Vineyards.

Main Street decided to grow the festival for 2012 offering 30 beverage and food tastings at 12 venues in the historic downtown.

Of course, Real Women Drink Craft Beer will point out that not all women prefer wine over beer (or, at least, they enjoy both). So last year they set up a tent downtown and gave away barbecue and a selection of (mostly local) craft beers. Since it went over so well, the women behind RWDCB have been asked back to do it again.

Since I’m friends with the RWDCB crew (and, yes, they are Real Women™), I have a pair of tickets to this year’s event to give away.

If you’d like my extra tickets, simply send an e-mail message to at let us know if you prefer wine, beer, or enjoy both. Please get your message to us by September 19, when we’ll pick one person at random to get the tickets.

You can get details about buying tickets at the WnC site. When you come to the Walk be sure to stop by the beer tent and say hi.

Congratulations Patty Smith! You get our tickets!

Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows

Here’s a fun recipe for a Friday:

Truffle Truffle makes something they call the Beer and Pretzel Marshmallow. The Kitchn came up with their own copycat recipe.

It’s a fairly detailed recipe, and it’s interesting to see how they reverse-engineered it. Not only that, but they look delicious. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout or Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout seem like they would be a good fit for this recipe.

Copycat Recipe: Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows

(via The Kitchn (via Lifehacker))

Is chocolate beer really a mystery?

One of my daily reads is Boing Boing, the “Directory of Wonderful Things”.

The other day, guest blogger Bruce Stewart from (among others) GeekDad (another regular read) offered an ad for a new chocolate beer from Sapporo, then seemed incredulous at the combination.

There’s beer in my chocolate! There’s chocolate in my beer! Somehow this combo doesn’t feel nearly as right as Reese’s famous mixing of peanut butter and chocolate. I drink many different types of beer, but I don’t think this chocolate beer is going to work for me. Anybody tried this?

To me, someone who drinks “many different types of beer” might have come across beer made with chocolate, or at least realize that there is a whole world of beer out there with non-Reinheitsgebot-allowed ingredients. I hope Bruce’s horizons have been broadened. Young’s Double Chocolate Stout is mentioned multiple times in the comments (I rather like it myself) but there are quite a few others mentioned.

What’s your favorite beer made with chocolate (as opposed to chocolate malt)?

Dogfish Head’s cocoa beer – Theobroma

I like Dogfish Head Brewery. They make some really interesting stuff and, since they’re just over in neighboring Delaware, local to me.

Spotted a news item today (although I’ve seen mention a few times before this) and thought I’d share.

Dogfish Head brews up ancient Aztec cocoa beer

Over the past few years, [Dogfish Head owner Sam] Calagione and his brewers have been working in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania’s molecular archaeology department on finding – and recreating – recipes for beers of from bygone eras, which have included Midas Touch, brewed from a recipe found in the drinking vessels of the cursed king’s tomb, as well as Chateau Jiahu, a 9000-year-old Chinese recipe dating back to the Neolithic period.

The latest offering, available in September, is Theobroma, which translates to “food of the gods,” in Greek. Far removed from Greece, however, the beer is a recreation of a central American recipe for the earliest chocolate drink in existence, consumed by the Aztecs.

That certainly sounds interesting. I’ve been on a big chocolate kick lately and I find archaelogy and paleontology fascinating. Can’t wait to try it.

Dogfish Head: Theobroma