Hops data – suitable for framing

Who doesn’t love a good infographic? I love ‘em. Any time someone can take dry statistics and turn them into a compelling graphical representation has really got something.

A guy who’s got that something is Zeke Shore, a graphic designer by trade, and a home brewer.  He’d been working on some data visualization that would illustrate the oil and acid content of hops to develop better recipes. After a couple of years of refinement he’s “done”.

The result is a beautiful chart showing bitterness and flavors/aromas. He’s making it available as a 24″ × 36″ print on natural white textured paper. Put it in a frame and you have a wonderful gift for the home brewer in your life. (The holidays are fast approaching, after all.)

Hops Chart - Visualizing Bitterness Flavors & Aromas of Beer Brewing Hops