Moving to Bohemia

Bohemia is a Mexican beer that shares characteristics of a German Pilsner lager beer. I tried this beer and it definitely tastes like every other pilsner import out there. That is, it is bland with no body, over carbonated and has a distinct trace of hops hidden by the strong flavor of water.

Bohemia is made in a Mexican micro-brewery, with hops imported from the Czech Republic which doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Named after the famed Czech region, Bohemia reminds me of a good, fairly unknown, song by Geddy Lee, “Moving to Bohemia”.

Bohemia is a most decorated Mexican beer having received gold medals at LeMont Selection in Paris, Rome and Madrid. Whatever LeMont Selection is, it doesn’t say much for the quality of selections they give awards to.

As proof of my recommendation, I gave the remainder of the six pack to my sister-in-law whose favorite beer is Labatt’s and she loved it.

Warsteiner Premium Verum

Beer-a-Day #320 Warsteiner Premium Verum

A world class traditional pilsner, Warsteiner Premium Verum is a slightly pale German-style pilsner with a clean, crisp, refreshing import taste. Warsteiner is brewed with fresh Arnsberger Forest spring water sourced at the brewery in Warstein, Germany, naturally soft water that helps to create the smooth taste and thick creamy head. Warsteiner truly is The Premium German Beer. Brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516.

Pale straw with a fizzy head. Aroma is light and crisp. Taste is light and crisp and eminently drinkable. What a German pilsner should taste like.

Warsteiner Premium Verum

Brewer’s Alley Pilsner

Beer-a-Day #307

A very pale beer brewed as a lager and which has a crisp, assertive Czechoslovakian Saaz hop character. This beer took 6 weeks to produce because the strain of yeast we used has a slow and cold fermentation, which results in a very smooth beer. 4.3% alcohol by volume.

This was the first Brewer’s Alley beer I ever saw in a bottle. (They’ve recently changed the label to match their other bottles so I don’t have a picture.)

Pale straw with a white, fizzy head. A slight nuttiness and fruitiness in the aroma. Pleasant malty sweetness with nice bitterness. One of my favorite beers to have after a rough day of yardwork.

Brewer’s Alley

Oskar Blues Mama’s Little Yella Pils

Beer-a-Day #294Oskar Blues - Mama's Little Yella Pils

Our new canned good is a delicious, small-batch version of the beer that made Pilsen, Czechoslovakia famous. Mama’s is made with hearty amounts of pale malt, German specialty malts, and traditional (Saaz) and 21st century Bavarian hops. It’s the perfect antidote for the watered-down, cornfed versions of pilsner clogging America’s shelves. Our first canned lager, it’s also fermented at cool temperatures with a German yeast. While it’s rich with Czeched-out flavor, Mama’s gentle hopping (about 35 IBUs) and low ABV (just 5.3%) makes it a luxurious but low-dose beer. Look for our Gold Metal Winner on US shelves in March. Sadly, the Feds rejected our “Take Two and Call Us in the Morning” line on the can.

Classic yellow with a bit of haze and a finger’s worth of white head. Some floral aroma with a bit of that quasi-metallic lager yeast aroma. Clean and bready, if there is such a thing. A worthwhile brew.

Oskar Blues

Beck’s Pilsner

Beer-a-Day #228Beck's Pilsner

Made from the original 1873 recipe, our signature brew has a full-bodied taste, hoppy bouquet, golden color and rich full head. Your tasting notes might say something like “a slightly fruity but crisp firmness – ends with a clean dry finish,” but most people simply say, “Now that’s a Beck’s.”

I am a glutton for punishment. If it’s not an American industrial light lager lately, it’s a European pilsner in a green bottle.

Light gold and clear. White head drops quickly. Smells slightly fruity, just like they promised. Pineapple, perhaps? Taste is clean with a slight toastiness to it. By golly, this is pretty good!

Beck’s Beer

North Coast Scrimshaw

North Coast ScrimshawBeer-a-Day #182

Halfway through the year, and I’ve just about exhausted the selection at my favorite retailer. I’ve taken to shopping with a list of things I shouldn’t get.

Named for the delicate engravings popularized by 19th century seafarers, Scrimshaw is a fresh tasting Pilsner brewed in the finest European tradition using Munich malt and, Hallertauer and Tettnang hops. Scrimshaw has a subtle hop character, a crisp, clean palate, and a dry finish.

Pale, but not quite blonde. Copious white head. Earthy and a little fruity. Refreshing. Goes pretty well with this tomato, basil, bread dish my wife made. I’d have this again.

North Coast Scrimshaw

Cerveza Pacifico Clara

Cerveza Pacifica ClaraBeer-a-Day #157

My wife and I had some friends over this evening. With our two kinds of salsa we had salmon cooked on the grill with lemon, vinegar, and cilantro. A light, Mexican beer seemed an appropriate accompaniment. Pacifico fit the bill nicely.

Pale straw with one finger of white head. Little aroma and very, very light taste. If you like Corona Extra this would be a good alternative.

Pacifico Clara

Smoky Mountain Thunder Road Pilsner

Beer-a-Day #108

This is the third Smoky Mountain Brewery beer brought to me by my good friend Ellen. The label proclaims it a “Classic Bohemian Pilsner”.

Straw-colored; a finger’s worth of white head. A little sulfur in the aroma, but malty. A bit of bite in the taste, but refreshing.