Beer porn

Beer Porn from NW Film Center School of Film on Vimeo.

The filmmaker, Michael O’Connor, describes the film on BrewPublic:

Is anybody looking? Quick, make sure the boss is down the hallway, your wife is off shopping, your parents are snug in their bed. Then, turn the lights down low, draw the window shade, and break open a big box of tissues. We know what you sweaty-palmed perverts are looking for: hardcore pint glass on tap handle action! You like ‘em big? We got IMPERIAL sized pint glasses. You like ‘em moist? We got the foamiest, stickiest fluids spilling and spraying! You like ‘em warm? We even got cask conditioned ale, suckah!

This is a smutty little flick we’ve been passing around the barstools in private, but it was only a matter of time before it ended up on the Internet. Share it with friends, pass it around to the other kids on the block, but have an extra pair of clean jeans handy… and keep an ear out for Mom!

(via Brookston Beer Bulletin)

Remote beer cannon

  • Vends 4 types of beer
  • Broadcasts temperature
  • Adjust temperature via iPhone
  • Aim via webcam
  • Auto tweet video per shot
  • Fire beer with 50psi of deliciousness

I don’t think much of his taste in beer, and there is something inherently dangerous about launching cans with contents under pressure, but it sure is neat. The remote camera aiming system is especially ingenious I thought.

Personally, I’d rather it launched chips and walked over the beer. A modified Roomba, perhaps?