The 5 World Most Weirdest Beers Ever Made

weirdest beer

Hop-Talk : Over the past few years, brewers have been concocting beers with some exceptionally strange ingredients, and the trend doesn’t show any sign of stopping. Now that the craft beer revolution is old news, a microbrewery can’t just make better-than-average beer to get noticed.

From Icelandic beer infused with whale testicles to a saison brewed with prehistoric, fossilized yeast DNA oh, and a pilsner made with human pee there’s never been weirder ways to enjoy America’s favorite beverage. So, whether you’re looking to test your palate or prank a squeamish friend, these are the 13 weirdest brews you could possibly do it with.

They have to do something really unique to get their name out there and there seems to be no end to the weird things beer makers will do to get noticed. Here are some of the strangest beers on the market today. Modified, remixed, pushed, pulled and abused by ambitious brewers, it’s apparently not enough to just make a decent pint of beer these days. Here The Most Weirdest Beers In the World’s :

1 The World’s Oldest Beer Recipe

It’s difficult to quantify the title of “World’s Oldest Beer” because humans have been brewing since around 9500 BC—before we even started writing. Since we can’t crack open a bottle of beer from the dawn of time, we have to make do with what we can, and right now the oldest brew anyone has been able to replicate comes from a 5000 year old recipe found in the Sumerian “Hymn to Ninkasi.”

The World’s Oldest Beer Recipe

The beer was recreated as a joint experiment between archaeologists from the University of Chicago and brewers from the Great Lakes Brewing Company. To keep things as authentic as possible, they used recreations of ancient tools and ceramic fermentation pots, malted the barley on a roof, and hired a baker to create a yeast source similar to the kind used in ancient times. They even refrained from using modern cleaning methods to clear natural bacteria that grow in the pots.

hop-talk The World’s Oldest Beer Recipe

So how did the experiment go? Well, researchers think they recreated the beer just right, but they found it was far too sour for modern day tastes and almost tasted more like vinegar than our modern beers. The brewer hopes to give it another try only with some sweet additions from the time period, like dates and honey to get rid of some of the overwhelming sour flavor. If he’s successful, you might just get to try a 5000 year old beer recipe for yourself one day courtesy of the Great Lakes Brewing Company.

2 Snake Venom by Brewmeister

If you ever wanted to get super wasted off a few sips of beer, Snake Venom is the beer you’ve been waiting for. Dubbed the strongest beer on earth at 67.5% alcohol, you’re going to want to split this super-strong bad boy with a friend, or seven.

Snake Venom by Brewmeister

One bottle of Snake Venom will run you $80 (if you can even find it), and each bottle has a warning tag reminding you not to drink too much of the brew. Last year, the title was topped by Brewmeister Brewery’s Armageddon, which contained 65 percent ABV, and just this week, Brewmeister upped their game by announcing their new Snake Venom, which contains 67.5 percent alcohol making it an impressive 135 proof, which is stronger than many hard liquors.

3 The Hello Kitty Beers

hellokitty beer

Hello Kitty has created a series of fruit-flavored brews adorned with a cute mascot. They come in sweet flavors like peach, passion fruit and banana and have about half the alcohol of a Budweiser. One reviewer said the flavor “tastes like Fanta with a beer aftertaste.” (Sanrio has no plans to start selling these in North America any time soon.). Also Read : Brew Arts – Crafting beer labels with custom designs

4 Beer Pre-Digested from Elephants

Beer Pre-Digested from Elephants

Actually, the beer itself hasn’t been digested yet. It’s really only the coffee beans that were used in a special coffee known as Black Ivory. Rather than using civets to digest the coffee beans before they are processed, this coffee uses elephants. Then, once the elephants poop out the beans, it’s made into coffee and at that point, the coffee is brewed into Sankt Gallen’s Un, Kono Kuro. Reviewers say it was actually quite delicious, with a strong, bitter taste followed by a wave of sweetness and a mellow body.

Beer Pre-Digested from Elephants

Unfortunately, this limited edition treat sold out within minutes (even at the heavy price of $100 a bottle), so if you want to get your hands on some elephant poop beer, you’re going to have to get your hands dirty and start from scratch.

5 Jurassic Saison by Fossil Fuels

fossil beer

What happens when a microbiologist finds yeast DNA in a 45-million-year-old piece of prehistoric, fossilized amber? They use it to make beer, obviously. Dubbed “Jurassic beer,” this brew has corned the market on ancient yeast. Cheers to keeping it old(est) school.



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